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- Liz and Michael

Wedding DJs Hire Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

wedding-djPartySound is proud to offer wedding DJ services to SE Queensland. We offer you competitive prices to make your planning and budgeting less stressful!

We also understand that every wedding and event has it’s own needs and individualism. PartySound will take the time to help coordinate with you and customize your event. Count on us to listen to your concerns and come up with creative ideas and suggestions to help relieve those fears and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

All the planning is now behind you. You’ve made the walk down the aisle, proclaimed your love, and exchanged glistening gold wedding bands. Congratulations, you are now man and wife. Now it’s time to kick back, unwind, forget all the stress and celebrate the day at your reception.

What To Expect

First, the photographer may want to take a few more pictures at the church or wedding site. After that it’s off to be greeted by family and friends who have come together for your wedding day. Don’t be surprised to receive an enthusiastic welcome as your Master of Ceremonies announces your grand entrance. And for the next few hours it will be the DJ and MC’s job to lead the festivities, play the music that is important to you and your guests, and keep the reception running smoothly.

The Right Music Mix

Having a DJ you can trust to handle all the MC duties is important, but where most DJ’s really shine is when it comes to knowing what music will get the crowd on the dance floor. As a general rule the guests will not dance until after the bride and groom have had their first dance. This may be followed immediately by a dance for the bride and father and for the groom and his mother. If other special dances are in order, they would be done next. In most cases, your DJ will kick off the dance portion of your reception right after the special dances. This gets the guests up and on the dance floor so that they won’t begin to feel left out. Other festivities such as the bouquet and garter toss can take place at appropriate times during the reception.Just remember that your wedding day is a time to celebrate, so dance and enjoy yourself!


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